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Super Mechs Hacked

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Super Mechs Hacked is an incredible strategic game, where you can create your inviscible super warrior robot and battle against your friends or other players from around the world in real time.

How to play the game Super Mechs Hacked.

Use your mech robot and try to dominate your opponents, in order to boost your performance in the game. You have to build the perfect warrior and climb the rank ladder. It’s important to use a number of tactics and tame turns by attacking your enemies. Keep in mind that you need to upgrade your super mech warrior in a regular basis in the work shop with more advanced weapons, as to have the chance to progress in the game. Go into the huge store, where you can find a big variety of different boosters and other great parts. While trying to complete all the 10 levels of your game, you have take part in various attacks.

Mission of the Super Mechs Hacked game.

The basic concept of this fighting game is to build the best machine you can buy battling foes and earning currency, in order to buy weapons and all the extras you need, as move on. Your mission in online Super Mechs Hacked is to destroy your enemy’s warriors in one on one, by using the best tactics you can. After you have completed a fight, you can actually buy a number of upgrades, such as new weapons.

Points & Upgrades.

In this Super Mechs Hacked combat game you have 2 action points, each trun it’s your time to attack. You need to remember that every action you perform in the game consumes one action point. The whole game is in 2D side-scrolling, as the camera moves as your own mech warrior moves towards his enemy. You have to defeat your opponent and make time reach 0 HP. The winner takes experience points, which are called ‘SM’. For example, you can use up your SM in order to buy weapons in the workshop. The more you play, the better you become and the better your mech gets.

Difficult Tasks.

After you have reached the level 10, which is not an easy task, you can also use another kind of currency. This one is called “Platinum” and you can earn it by winning against other players. Platinum offers you the opportunity to buy more advanced upgrades, as to improve your robot in the battle. You need to remember also that some parts can be really expensive and you can’t earn them so easily. This is actually the most difficult part of the Super Mechs Hacked game, because in order to get the currency you need, you have to get involved in many battles. So, take your time and enjoy the game!

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